Galaxy SAGA Medallions Spiritual Jewelry

by Shelina S Thomas

dscn15483The Galaxy SAGA Medallions also known as the Sacred Ancient Galactic Accelerators are handmade by Gregory and I as channeled in from The Upper Soul Council. Most of them relate to different family rituals for specie s throughout the galaxy and have a story with each one. Like Star Wars there is a celebration and a ceremony where young people go through a rite of passage or for some they are given as a trophy for different sporting events. Each had different energies, frequencies and vibrations depending upon the use for each and intention as well as the dimension of each galactic culture. However we cannot fully access the total energetic strength of each because we are only third dimension and there are often different metals which are used or stones. However we have used them for years and have many amazing stories of our own to tell about how they have had a positive effect on our lives such as the time I wore one to roll dice or craps in a casino and ended up rolling for over one hour to make a record for most rolls and winning $4,000. Of course I also believed it would help me and knew how to go into a meditative state, cleanse out other energies and be in the moment to do what I had been training to do. These designs are comparable to some of the angelic symbols that are shared in Saragon’s Soul Code Readings. Gregory and I have alot of fun making these SAGA Medallions and sharing them with others. They will be listed on our website which will be coming out soon but for those that wish you can email us and we will be happy to make a personal medallion. These Galaxy SAGA medallions provide a rare opportunity to learn about the social attributes of other life in the galaxy and remind us how important those recognitions of others are and to congratulate ourselves for our achievements. Notice the orb in front of my face and throat in the picture along with 3 ring medallion for The Ritual of Tatoosha from the Kanarians 1st creation humans empowerment and cleansing ritual.


Soul Mate Test for the New Year 2009


by Shelina S Thomas
Many people are looking for their soul mates and some think that there has to be that one special person in their life. Society often tells us this through songs, dating sites, and mythology but very few truly understand what a soul mate is. To understand one must know that the soul, which many believe is actually the God Source connected to us 24/7 as Gregory says, consists of 1,720 aspects. These aspects are parts of a complete soul and it takes 9,500 to 11,000 complete souls to make a soul family. How’s that for a mind stretch? These teachings are from Saragon our 11th dimensional angelic guide who is known as a Kodamon Master Teacher of Soul Science and Spirituality.

So a person can have several soul mates to choose from but only one soul aspect from a complete soul can be on the Earth at a time. Not all soul mate relationships are good but sometimes it can be very good. It depends upon how much a person has worked on themselves for personal growth and self improvement and sometimes what has happened between those soul aspects in the past. Everyone brings both genetic and soul traits with them into a new life which is why we hear about the sins of the seven generations back which just means the emotional, physical and mental DNA memories. That is why it is important to work on forgiveness for others, from others and for one’s self. Gregory and I did not have a contract to come together in this lifetime but Jesus and Mary did. Since I am empathic I can usually tell when someone is in our soul family. The way that I do this is through a knowing which could be the result of the vibrations or frequencies from the person. Each eye also has a certain print on it which others can tell.

But for most people when they start to look for a soul mate the usual questions or considerations might be-
Do we have similiar spiritual or religious beliefs? Are they an extrovert or an introvert and what am I? Do we both love animals or the same kind of animals? (Are you a cat person and they are a dog person?) Do you both enjoy going out to do things or would you rather stay home? Or do you enjoy doing both? Do you finish things fast or slow? Do you like to dance or not? Are you athletic? Are you willing to teach the other person about what you do and keep yourself back if they can’t keep up or are you always a competitor? Do you like gourmet food, fast food or grab a snack out of the frig dinners? Are you willing to try new foods? Do you readily accept others that are different than you and are you willing to change or allow others to change?

Anyway, you get the idea that each of us is at different places in our evolutionary growth. There is always something new to learn about yourself and others if you are open to looking, hearing and sensing the world in a different way. For we are told change is the only thing we can count on from Saragon our angelic guide from The Upper Soul Council. This is true for our life and for alot of the world as we view it. So next time you look for a soul mate remember to know who you truly are and what you want and are willing to accept. Some couples are opposites and yet they get along for that is what they want or are able to live with. For you can only love somebody else by beginning with loving yourself. May you have many blessings along your journey and remember to ask your angels and guides each day to help you to open up and to protect you. With love and peace.. Shelina (of Gregory and Shelina)

Happy New Year from Gregory and Shelina 2009

by Shelina S Thomas

angelcherubtalkingintoearl-innocence1As we reflect upon the last year there have been many opportunities for growth, wisdom, love, empowerment and spiritual evolution. Many trips have been made from one coast to another and many trade shows have been visited. We have viewed world class gems at the Tucson Rock and Gem Shows and seen New York City where people of all cultures come together as one. We have made many more Galactic SAGA Medallions or Sacred Ancient Galactic Accelerators that are quite beautiful and obtained an amethyst crystal skull which we affectionately call I AM ALL since it has both a masculine side and a feminine side. And of course we continue to share the message of Jesus and Mary along with The Jesus Opal that we are all connected to the God Source and are brothers and sisters no matter what social status, color of skin, gender or sexual preference. There were times when we had to be strong so that others would not take advantage of us but we learned that most of those occurrences were due to fear, the ego getting out of balance, lack of tolerance for others that are different or financial difficulties. Through the grace of God we have gotten past most of it and forgiveness has been given both to others and to ourselves for adding to the situation. It is not always easy to bring a new way of thinking to others but there are very few that believe that the old ways are always the best as long time institutions start to fall and crumble. Yet the will and the hope of the people is ever present through a smile, a hello or a warm cup of coffee on a cold day. It was our pleasure to participate in a historical presidential election and know that we were able to help make a difference for change. Because as many of you know we are always told by Saragon and Nonamori our higher dimension angelic guides that ‘Change is the only thing you can count on’.

We believe this and know that many of you are looking for prophecies to be fulfilled but these are not set in stone as the will and the mind and the heart of people will create a new future with tolerance, good will and abundance if that is your will. We saw the effect that organizations such as MoveOn can have on local communities where people come together no matter what their differences for a common cause and we intend in the new year to create several focused groups and get togethers with The Jesus Opal, our book Journey To The Truest You which we were able to finish in 2008. It was such a great feeling to complete our first book and we are currently working on the Jesus and Mary channelings with stories about their childhood, their love and their daily life. My heart is opening more each day with love as I hear how they committed to each other as children, traveled together and had a family for a short time.

Be sure to look at the 2009 Yearly Soul Code from Saragon. This one is similiar to last year’s only you will put your personal picture at the top of the page instead of the middle. This is listed under the blog. All help is appreciated to share the messages of Jesus and Mary, the 553 million year old angelic symbols from Journey To The Truest You, along with the first human creation story from Saragon and Nonamori. Gregory and I were trying to figure out how to tie in all of our messages and teachings which range from ancient galactic history to ancient Earth and somehow we came up with “The Most Important Teachings for The Most Important Person- You”. They truly are as they consist of lost teachings or never told teachings which will amaze many and frustrate others. Somebody said this year in numerology is a number 11 for spiritual mastery. We pray that each of you will become the Master or Mistress that you were born to be and welcome donations to assist us with this tremendous task of bringing these world changing messages to each and every one of you and your families. With love, blessings and hope for a life changing, empowering and abundant year.. Shelina and Gregory

Happy New Year from Gregory and Shelina

dscn5062.jpgWe wish you the very best 2008 Happy New Year and look forward to meeting many new friends this year. Look for more personal posts on the Gregory and Shelina blog with just plain fun articles, Earthly happenings including environmental, scientific or health subjects. And who knows maybe even an article or two on some of our favorite things to do like riding motorcycles and exploring for gems. There’s always something to do here in Vegas but we are excited about traveling again. Of course, the other WordPress blogs called Life in The Galaxy and The Jesus Opal are still there. So enjoy yourselves, party hearty as they say. We will probably see the movie Atonement as we just love love stories, like any Karmonic Soul Twinflames should. Blessing you all for a joyous 2008. Let us remember that by working together we can create change through love, determination and belief.

So Gotta La Mortee in Kanarian First Creation Human Language for Blessings… Gregory and Shelina